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We are Coverjig. We made our online book cover maker for self-published authors because we love them and we think they're doing a great job.

Our Team

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A photo of Sam, Coverjig co-founder
A photo of David, Coverjig co-founder

Our Philosophy

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How we think about DIY cover design

Self-publishing is about freedom and creative control. In the same way that you've taken control of the editing, publicity and distribution of your work, we want to give you a better option for making your own book cover.
We do that by guiding you towards effective design choices and automating the technicalities, while giving you ultimate control to make the cover you'll love.

Let's go!
Coverjig and human graphic designers

What about humans?

We love humans! Some of our best friends are humans.
Our founders worked in publishing for many years and had the pleasure of working with a number of talented graphic designers at the top of their game. We hope that you'll work with them one day too.
Until then, our goal is to give you the best possible start so that you can compete without breaking the bank.

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