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What makes us special

Coverjig's artificially intelligent book cover design consultation

Online Design Consultation

At Coverjig, we distil years of publishing know-how into a simple, guided design process. Starting with a quick online design consultation, we'll guide you towards thoughtful stylistic decisions that are proven to attract fans of your genre.

Our smart font recommendation feature

Typography Matchmaker

Using insights from your design consultation and leveraging our founders' industry expertise, we'll recommend fonts that will suit your book and engage prospective readers.

Color recommendation based on image analysis

Color Wizard

Coverjig understands your cover image and is able to recommend complementary colors for your cover text. By analyzing your cover, our online cover maker will recommend colors that work beautifully with your image and typography.

Our easy to use designer

Coverjig is the easiest way to make your own book cover for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Our intuitive online design tool takes care of all the technicalities like spine width and bleed margins and creates print and digital files that are ideal for self-publishing with Amazon KDP, so you can focus on bringing your vision to life.

We’ll even recommend fonts, colors and images that are proven to appeal to your genre and target audience, making it easier than ever to make a book cover that helps sell your book.

Some Of Our Recent Creations!

Our Philosophy

Stock photography included

Peace of Mind

Absolutely no hidden costs, guaranteed. All features are included in a simple flat fee structure and you can experiment with your designs for as long as you like before making a purchase.

Make my cover!
Coverjig and human graphic designers

What about humans?

We love humans! Some of our best friends are humans. Our founders worked in publishing for many years and had the pleasure of working with a number of talented graphic designers at the top of their game. We hope that you'll work with them one day too.

Until then, our goal is to give you the best possible start so that you can compete without breaking the bank.

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How we think about DIY cover design

Self-publishing is about freedom and creative control. In the same way that you've taken control of the editing, publicity and distribution of your work, we want to give you a better option for making your own book cover.

We do that by guiding you towards effective design choices and automating the technicalities, while giving you ultimate control to make the cover you'll love.

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Our Prices

eBook Cover

Includes a high resolution eBook cover JPEG file.
High resolution eBook cover
1 free revision

Paperback and eBook Covers

Includes both eBook (JPEG) and paperback (PDF) cover files.
Paperback print PDF for Amazon KDP
High resolution eBook cover
2 free revisions

Marketing, Paperback and eBook

In addition to eBook (JPEG) and paperback (PDF) cover files, this package also contains a host of marketing materials that feature your book cover. Includes 3D book covers and advert images sized for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and BookBub.
60 genre-specific social media advert images featuring your book cover for all major social media platforms
3D graphic of your book
Paperback print PDF for Amazon KDP
High resolution eBook cover
2 free revisions

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